The future of customs | 22 November

Virtual Maersk Event

Are you ready to start gaining trade advantages through strategic customs decisions and customs risk management?

The trading environment is becoming less predictable and more complex due to black swan events and regulatory changes, among other things. And every day, incorrect HS codes cause 22% of all export delays. So, now is a crucial time for companies to keep up. Join us for this virtual event, where we will discuss how companies can navigate the evolving trade environment and how innovative solutions can help you turn customs into a positive game-changer through a sharp and entertaining agenda moderated by former news anchor Nynne Bjerre.

We will cover topics such as: 

• How to gain trade advantages
by planning and thus navigate complexity within trade
• How customs impact reliable goods flows and supply chain resilience
• How to achieve a more holistic and integrated approach to customs
• And how to mitigate compliance risks through strategic customs decisions and customs risk management


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Datum: 2022-11-22
Plats: Digitalt event
Starttid: 09:00
Sluttid: 10:45